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Avoiding the 80% Realtor Fail Rate

The fail rate in Real Estate is insane! Almost 80% of Realtors leave the industry in the first 2 years. Don't be a statistic.  You know you were meant to be in this business. Learn what you can do to beat the odds, before you even start your career in Real Estate!

How the TOP 5% continue to make 6-Figures!

With 1.5 million Realtors across the country, it's no wonder competition is fierce in the marketplace! Learn the secrets that TOP agents use to create longevity and a lucrative income year after year. Be the next 6-figure agent in your market. 

The ONE tool TOP agents consistently use to dominate their market

Nope, it's not Leads! Was that your first guess?  Why leads will never help you Master Your Market and what you need to establish in your business before you even start your career!

"We had Kris teach our office privately. We had over 40 Agents attend with all eyes on deck! (Kris is a Water specialist here and Facebook know-it all!) Her systems and strategies are unparalleled in our industry. She has so much knowledge and teaches in a clear and understandable way. Each agent walked away with a strategy they could implement right away in their business!"

Real Estate Manager

"I got into Real Estate because I watched Kris in her business. She is highly regarded around town, with other Realtors and her presence is known in her work and online strategies. She has so many tools you can use, but she helped me fine tune my new career so I did't get distracted. "

Willie J
1st Year Realtor

"I am a BRAND new REALTOR! In my 50s and recently ran a prior business for 25-years. No matter how smart you think you are, taking #TheREMI was integral in my career transition. I am not tech savvy and this business model is very different from my past business. Excited to get started!"

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